Book designer Collaboration Project

During 2011 throughout 2012 I worked as a studio assistant for my mentor Quintan Ana Wikswo. It was an eye opening experience that allowed me to grow as a writer both intellectually and emotionally. As her assistant I was delegated specific tasks that provided aid to Quintan on her various projects as well as ones that would help me to get a better understanding of the creative writing/arts realm.

One of the delegated assignments I took on was to take on the role of book designer and to help put together a book of yoga teachings and meditations. This book is the vision of Sat Siri Kaur (book editor) with the help of Quintan (the contributing photographer) to create a tool for yogi’s to use in their meditations.

As the book designer for this project, I mapped out the styles motifs and patterns that sequences throughout the book. I also made adjustments to text and color whenever needed. Together with Quintan Ana Wikswo (photographer) and Sat Siri Kaur (editor) we have created a gorgeous platform to teach and learn from and to better understand the discipline(s) of Yoga. It transcends the idea of teaching and really bares the soul of Yoga and helps to translate it’s beauty to you.

This endeavor took me about a year to complete, it was arduous and at times very frustrating because of the computer program that was used. In the end however, the project was a success and the book is beautiful. I am very proud of it and the hard work I put into it. It is availbale to purchase online via The book is titled “Cosmogony: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Applied to the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.” By Sat Siri Kaur.