My 1st Published Poem

Earlier this month I was overcome with joy when my first published poem was released. It’s taken me a while to announce it because well, I’m just terrible that way. You can find it in Chaparral, an online literary arts journal featuring poetry from Southern California or in the link below.

Quick note about the poem:

Over the 2013 spring semester at CSUN I took English 309 (verse writing). I was really nervous because I hadn’t written a poem in many many years. For a long time I had closed myself off from writing especially towards poetry and I was afraid I would be laughed at for deplorable poetry. In the end, I loved the class and was very comfortable and excited to write more. As the semester went on, I was assigned to read Museum of Accidents, a book of poetry by Rachel Zucker. I then had the task of writing a poem inspired by her writing style. My professor loved the poem so much so that she wanted to publish it in the online poetry journal, Chaparral that she runs. I of course had to wait to officially submit it to the journal after my semester was over otherwise there would be a conflict of interest. Therefore once the semester had concluded I submitted the poem and it was accepted. So ready or not, here is my first published poem…

My Poem to You as Love Letter # 2

– AlessandraWrites

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