NEW Publication – Hybrid piece: TONIC featured in DUENDE

Hi everyone, I am very pleased to announce that I have a new piece out today titled, “Tonic” and it is featured in the prose – hybrid section of DUENDE, the literary arts journal from the amazing team of the BFA in Writing program at Goddard College.

Tonic is a surrealism piece very close to my heart and I am just so honored and proud that the editorial team at Duende has chosen to feature it in their second issue. It’s an amazing feeling for me to see another one of my pieces in published format.

Tonic falls under the genre of hybrid because of the poetic language and the use of surrealism which gives this creation so many layers. Weaving fiction, memoir and poetry together and splicing the different elements is what in many ways makes this piece a tonic, to be consumed, devoured, ingested allowing it to bubble and brew within the canals of your stomach. A tonic to stimulate the senses, the mind, a tonic for the soul. Who doesn’t like a sip of a hybridized work of art. I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!

Freshly Brewed


Freshly brewed TONIC

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