Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce that my pieces, NIGHT BEAT and MEDUSA, LOVING are now out in the inaugural issue of the literary journal, Angel City Review.

Angel City Review aims to bring readers new and exciting pieces of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art from both established writers and artists as well as emerging writers with an emphasis on those based in Los Angeles like myself. The journal is an Ebook (including PDF and ibooks/Kindle formats etc.) and it is FREE!!!

Heart Attack by Mando Castellanos
Heart Attack by Mando Castellanos

I hope that you enjoy MEDUSA, LOVING as well as NIGHT BEAT, they both mean a lot to me (as do all my pieces) but what I love about these pieces is that at the time of creation I was practicing a new exercise in writing that I had learned and I was able to come up with these different pieces. I am so glad to have been able to attain a home for the two of them in this up and coming journal. Please read, they await your eyes.

So stop by the Angel City Review and download your ibooks copy today or click below for the PDF version.

Angel City Review PDF

Angel City Review

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