Why I will NOT be watching SNL’s broadcast tonight and HOPE you won’t either

Although my site is mostly dedicated to my writing, sometimes a different type of posting can be quite satisfying, and seeing as the site can also be used as a platform to air out my views and the views of those smarter than me, then why not do it?

Tonight, SNL is slated to feature Donald Trump as the host of the 90 min show, and I for one will not be watching. I think it’s ridiculous that the show celebrates someone who has said such hateful things about the Latino community. If Trump or anyone else for that matter had sad anything about the black community, the gay and lesbian community, the asian community, etc.. then they would not be tolerated on the show. But because he’s said these very offensive, hate-mongering xenophobic statements about Mexicans and about all Latinos, it’s okay??? Why is that OKAY? It shouldn’t be. It’s not fair and NBC and SNL should have higher standards for the people that they bring on to the show.

I’m all for freedom of speech, after all, I’m a writer. However, when someone is running for president and intentionally says cruel things about a great percentage of the people he intends to represent and then gets celebrated for that, then we have to stop and wonder whats happening?

if you like, I’ve linked an NPR article that I feel really highlights some interesting points. “Would ‘SNL’ Have Donald Trump As Host If It Had Latino Cast Members?” 

In the end, I don’t have the right to tell anyone else what they can and cannot do. But I do ask anyone reading this that tonight, when turning on SNL, that they remember those that have been affected and think about how wrong it is to celebrate this man and what he’s said. The intent is to make light of it all via comedy, but in the end it’s just another way to further make us feel inferior.  I’m a Latina, whats been said was hurtful and despicable. But we move forward by hopefully showing that we do not accept whats happening, we do not roll over and laugh, we will not watch. I will not watch.

You can also check out what these latino celebrities say on the issue here.

In any case, have a good Saturday night, whether you watch or not.


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