Edwin Bodney Reads “Prominence” with Editor CD Eskilson Expo Presents: Transposition

Edwin Bodney reads his poem, “Prominence,” from Exposition Review’s Orbit issue.  We’re joined by poetry editor CD Eskilson for the interview portion, who helps uncover the deeper meanings and inspirations behind the poetry.  Read along at: About the Reader: Edwin Bodney is an L.A. native and co-host of one of the largest poetry venues in the nation, Da Poetry Lounge. A nationally recognized poet, he has performed his work for an array of organizations like USC, UCLA, Lexus, TV1, All Def Digital, and Button Poetry. In 2016, he officially published his first book titled A Study of Hands with Not a Cult Press. Through his work, both on stage and in classrooms facilitating workshops, he hopes to transform his community in such a way that no one forgets their joy in the midst of all their healing. Links from the Podcast: Read Edwin’s Interview in our Orbit issue: Read the Edwin’s selections of flash fiction from our Magnetism writing contest: Buy Edwin’s book, A Study of Hands (sold through Bookshop): Edwin’s publisher, Not a Cult – Da Poetry Lounge – A growing list of BIPOC presses and literary organizations that could use your donations; Thank you to Alexander Blu for intro and outro music, and the generous donations from our supporters that allow us to pay our authors.  Exposition Review is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. Hosted by Laura Rensing
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