Hello new Readers/Followers,

Welcome to AlessandraWrites!

For those of you that don’t already know me personally, I am a student at CSUN blazing sluggishly through an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as a minor in Central American studies.  It is my goal in life to become a published writer and possibly one day be a mentor to some other innovative and artistic soul (such as mine) in the writing field.  My writing tends to linger within the spheres of Fiction (specifically short stories) Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry. I am a huge enthusiast of Magical Realism.

In an effort to consider myself a more serious writer and hopefully prevail as one, I have taken on the difficult task of maintaining this blog. Lets see if I can stay afloat in this fast-paced technology savvy society, without bringing my mind to a glitchy slush.

I call my blog a difficult task because I can already foresee some grueling days ahead of me, such as when the inevitable “writers block” strikes.  WB has hit me before, trust me, she is a maniacal and relentless mistress from the cryptic corners of my alleged sanity.  You will know when she begins to loom over my head because I will probably steer clear of my own blog.  There will also be days when I become downhearted. Like any writer I get self-conscious about my writing.  Negative thoughts such as whether anybody will even skim let alone read what I have to say will plague me causing a stall in the production line of whatever tirade I want or need to write about that specific day/week.

Regardless of these camouflaged yet soon to be real predictions, I want to write.  I live to write.  At times, I am saddened by the fact that I have put it off for so long (both purposefully and haphazardly).  Which is why I am taking on this happy endeavor.

I will most likely be reporting on whatever is most important in my life at the time of my weblogs.  News will most likely be a trigger, along with whatever latest and greatest book I am devouring at the moment.  Along with the exciting tidbits of my domestic life, I will also be tracking what is going on within my writers’ existence.  I will divulge on what is happening with my works and whether you can find any hidden in a publication or two (if any, lol).

I hope that whatever I write, you all can find some joy in.  At least a chuckle or a sigh, I’m not picky. In the end this blog is for you as much as it is for me.  I hope to make some more friends as well as keep the fiery relationship with those that I already have as you all begin to delve into the Inner Working of my Mind; AlessandraWrites.  Thanks, and most creative wishes to you all.


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Don’t forget to announce your site on your other groups on SheWrites. I do understand how the techy stuff can be, yet, another of those things writers have to deal with. I so wish I could get somebody to do this part for like, free 🙂


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