The Inevitable 1st HUGE Lull…

Hi everyone!

I knew it I knew it! I foresaw that it would be murder to actually sit down and write and it has been. Ha! However I didn’t foresee just how long and hard it would be for me to log back in and write (I say that it’s been about 4 or 5 months – pretty sad if you ask me). Sadly the blog kind of got pushed to the back burner even though I feel an immense sense of responsibility to my readers (if you are out there) – like a parent or at least a babysitter.

Well, I blame it on my schooling; those teachers of mine are hardcore. With them it’s all about reading, studying and learning, then again, it is school and I am trying to earn a degree. Another reason why it’s been hard, is well, I still don’t feel that many people care to hear about the cool happenings and the very not-so-cool vexations that my plague me from time to time, and so to actually think that someone would sit down to read about it is outrageous! In spite of this, I must ignore these rational yet dangerous thoughts and write nonetheless. Stay swift with cunning eyes, because my next entry is about to hit you in the forehead before you can say AlessandraWrites!

-TTFN! (Ta Ta for Now)

P.S. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a new tab/section in the blog reserved for my accomplishments, because whether I can believe it or not, I have a few to list 🙂

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