Heads Up #2: Josephine’s Paw Moved

As mentioned below in CC, I am unable to soothe the beast WordPress just yet (Pages was not working for/with me). So, Josephine’s Paw has been moved to the main blog. Also, all book reviews will be done via my goodreads account (http://www.goodreads.com/)

1st book review will be up after finals. Be prepared for The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa! 🙂

(Repeat) Hello and welcome to Josephine’s Paw!

This is the section of the blog where I discuss literature.  You’re probably wondering, why have I chosen to name this page Josephine’s Paw…? Well, (drum roll please!) My cat’s name is Josephine (Yay, and the crowd goes wild!).  And if you know me well enough, (and even if you don’t, here is an important piece of info) I love my cat!  I live for her.  She is an awesome mischievous runt-of-the-litter feline. But what does she have to do with literature, you ask?  Nothing really, except for the fact that every time I read she comes to read with me.  More like, she walks all over or falls asleep on whatever I’m reading.  Either way, her tiny pink padded paws are secretly printed on everything I read.  I have the cutest bookmark with the picture of a kitten sleeping on a book, and it states that “A cat’s favorite place to sleep, is on whatever you’re reading”.  This is the inescapable truth.  At least for Josephine it is. So why not dedicate this section of the blog after two things that I love, my cat Josephine and reading.

Josephine 1995 – 2011

I will be exploring all sorts of books and then reporting back to you, (my hopefully faithful readers =)).  One of my (many) faults is that I love to read and sometimes I choose to do so rather than interact with other human beings (it’s a problem, I know.  I’m working on it).  I am creative writing’s paramour.  I do not discriminate but I do have favorites.  I mostly read novels, short story fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, essentially all of the forms that I tend to write in.  To be more specific I love magical realism, insatiable love affairs, history with a twist, cruel fated adventures, plots where the protagonist(s) are female and much more!  I even have a secret love affair with the genre (here it comes, get ready to wince) paranormal romance. You know, werewolves, vampires, zombies and all that sinister creepy ooey gooey macabre laced with over the top yet spectacular romance. (Its my crack!).  I love it and I can’t get enough of it (but remember it’s a secret so, shh, don’t tell anyone).

Now, to bring this revealing intro to a wrap, I leave you with the promise of (hopefully) funny, flavorful in depth and richly thought-out book reviews.  I hope that you look forward to them as much as I do. Also, please note that although I love to read, I am sadly not a speed-reader.  So, expect my reviews to come at a leisurely pace seeing as I love to take my time when reading, I like to savor every word, imagine myself in every scenario and contemplate all the hidden meanings within every magical publication. And, I tend to get carried away with my imagination, so do not be surprised if my mood reflects that of the stories. I also usually tend to imagine myself to be the narrator/character(s) and I may just end up gushing about how amazing they are.

Be sure to keep a look-out for my first review soon to be released later this week.  Until then, go read a book! =)


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