Heads Up: Captivating Cinema Moved

Hey hey! Couldn’t figure out the Pages technique. So all blog entries will be on this main page: Here-goes.

1st movie review will be up in about 2 weeks or so once I am done with finals 😦

(Repeat) Hello cinema aficionados!

This is where I will be blogging about movies that I see whether it be on the big screen or the petit screen (a.k.a. my TV. at home) and what I think of them.  Now, I give you fair warning that I, like any other American, am hanging by the ripped threads of the so called economic backlash from the ever present recession that we all seem to be drowning in, so money is tight.  In other words, I certainly cannot afford to attend the movies every weekend so many of my reviews will be of movies that have already seen the lights of others’ eyes whether it be seven months ago or seven years ago.  Whatever I can see I will and hopefully report back to you within a reasonable time frame before I forget my favorite parts, lines, actors etc.

I enjoy all types of movies including but not limited to comedy, horror, film noir, romance, drama and even the occasional documentary.  I am a movie buff, at least I would like to think so.  I haven’t seen all the best and worst movies but I intend to. In a later entry, I intend to put up a list of must sees that I want to see as well as a list of movies that you my readers should see. I do not know any cinematography terms so I wont be spitting off any nonsense that I wont even know the meaning to.  I will be writing about how the film affected me, how well the actors represented their characters and basically how good the story (plot) in general was.  Special reviews will be flagged when I have both read the book and then seen the movie.  Hopefully this part of the blog will be something to look forward to for all of you.  That way you will be able to learn something new perhaps and or be persuaded to see a movie you didn’t want to see before.  Also, feel free to leave suggestions on films that you think I should see. Hope to hear from you.


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