New Work – We Flew to Guatemala When I was Five – Riprap Journal

Hey everyone, exciting news on my newly released poem “We Flew to Guatemala When I Was Five.” Last night I was lucky enough to make it out to CSULB for Riprap Journal’s Vol. 38 release party which features my pantoum poem that I created in my final year of school at CSUN under the instruction of Prof. Kim Young. It feels so good to know that my piece has finally found a home.

The event was really great, they held a reading for any contributors that wanted to read, so I did. I was super nervous, so much so that as soon as I got up on stage I got really bad dry mouth and realized I left my water elsewhere which was horrible but I kept on reading. And on top of that, I never stopped to adjust the microphone to my level, so the whole time I kept standing up on my tiptoes, haha! It’s all a learning experience. In any case, it was a fun fun time and I’m so proud and honored to have my piece published in such a fine journal. A few family members and friends came out to support me which was so cool, it made me feel like a celebrity, hehehe. Below are some photos from the event and my piece in the journal.



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