Digital Version of “We Flew to Guatemala When I Was Five” available NOW

Hurrah, Riprap Journal’s Vol. 38 featuring my pantoum poem, “We Flew to Guatemala When I Was Five,” is now available in digital format – so those that don’t have a print copy can get ready to start clicking and reading.

I have to say, that there is some really great work featured in this publication. The works featured alongside mine are astounding, I feel lucky to have my piece be among them. But furthermore, this edition of the journal is really special and should be read and loved because it not only features a great interview with Juan Felipe Herrera, the U.S. Poet Laureate, but it also honors two people that lost their lives recently, one of them being Mark Friedlander, a CSULB MFA Creative Writing Student, as well as Nohemi Gonzalez, another CSULB student who was killed in the 2015 Paris attacks. At the back of the journal just before the contributors notes there are three pieces dedicated to Nohemi and one featured piece written by Mark. It is a lovely section that honors them both beautifully, truth that art can help to heal wounds. Have some tissues ready!

I hope everyone can take some time to check out the journal and read some wonderful work. I’m on page 16 but don’t just read me – read them all.  🙂

Riprap Journal Vol.38 – We Flew to Guatemala When I Was Five 


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.40.33 PM

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